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When you close this message, you should see a button under the main title, either Sign-In or Login. Click to see the username / password fields.

Click into the username field, and a menu of users at different hierarchy levels will appear. Select a user, and the password will be filled in automatically.

When you log in, Single Sign-On occurs. This system uses Trusted Authentication, but SAML and OpenID Connect also work for External Embedding.

For internal embedding, Active Directory, LDAP and Kerberos are all also available SSO mechanisms.

also available SSO mechanisms.

All of Your Needs - Optimized for Today

In an ever changing world of healthcare advancements, changing regulatory environments and increasingly diverse patient pools, you deserve one system to give you the most complete view of your practice. Whether you are small family clinic or coordinate a larger group, we help you give individualized care while keeping everything running smoothly.

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Available Everywhere - Just Like You

As a modern platform, Platform 720 is optimized for any device and any situation. Whether it's in the hallway on your phone, or checking in at night when on-call, our cloud native platform will work flawlessly to give you and your team the best experience possible.

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Cloud Native, Totaly Secure

Nothing is more important to your patients than the security of their most important records. Every component of Provider 720 is tested the highest levels of both healthcare and software industry security standards.

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